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Web Development is fun. I’ve learned many concepts, made many applications but never actually contributed to the developer’s community. I believe through this blog I’ll be able to contribute to the community with what I’ve learned and will learn.

My name is Tarek,  I’m a student at the German University in Cairo and this is my “always expanding” to do list that I hope this blog will witness me accomplishing many of it 😀


  • Learn Symfony
  • Learn Propel
  • Learn Drupal
  • Learn Joomla
  • Learn CakePP
  • Learn Zencart
  • Learn Magento
  • Learn Smarty

Some concepts:

  • Infinite scroll concept
  • Payment gateways
  • Shopping carts
  • Try Linq to FQL
  • Learn and make Widgets


  • Learn JSON
  • Learn Extjs


  • Learn AIR
  • Learn Perl
  • Learn Python/ Django
  • Learn Ruby/ Rails

Blog Related:

  • Move to an Independent host.
  • Create my own design for this blog.
  • Learn WordPress theming structure


  • Learn and make Facebook applications

And find/ make a To do widget to put all those Todos  in 🙂 I’d rather actually call it “My to learn list”.

Stay tuned 😉



  1. Nice .. when you are done , let me know . i will buy the to-do list .. so i don’t forget MotorZclub meetings !

  2. Good for you. I can send you a pre-release so you can get started quickly 😛

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