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So I’ve been fed up lately with Firefox. Firebug is clashing with Gmail, websites are running extremely heavy and slow that I can’t even get a smooth decent scrolling. I decided to try another browser, so what would be better than Google Chrome to try out? But oops, there is no Chrome for Linux?! But there is Chromium!

Chromium is an open source web browser project, on which Google Chrome is based. The aim is to build a safer, faster, and more stable lightweight web browser. It also uses Google’s new open source JavaScript engine; V8. I’ve been playing with Chromium for a couple of hours and I can certainly say IT IS a “Lightweight” web browser! Very very very smooth in performance even though it’s still under development. You can add the PPA for Ubuntu from here.


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  1. Amazing, I didn’t know about that till now. Thanx!

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