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So I got myself a Nokia N900 and couldn’t be more pleased with it! I was however little disappointed when I couldn’t import my contacts and SMS from my other Nokia phone like I always used to do before with previous phones. I worked around the contacts thing by copying them to my simcard then recopying to the N900. For the old SMS I found this guide on maemo talk forum for importing them to Nokia N900. I don’t really recommend it because of 2 issues:

  1. Old SMS appear to be received after new already existent SMS in conversations
  2. Not deletable

3 days ago I decided to get my hand dirty write my own Old SMS reader. It will show up as a separate application not integrated inside the original conversation application. This my first app on maemo and things could not get easier! Using Python and Qt I can say that I’ve done quite good progress in no time. I’ll post up the project features and progress shortly


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  1. Looking forward to this.

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