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So I mentioned before the inability of N900 to import old SMS from previous Nokia phones, and I will save the world by writing the ultimate Old SMS importer/reader 🙂

First things first, these are the project specs that I hope to accomplish:

Phase 1:

  • Inbox and Sent messages
  • Import SMS csv files
  • Old View (messages are represented by the their sender in inbox/ receiver in sent, ordered according to date of arrival, just like ordinary messaging before Nokia Conversations)
  • Options like forward, delete
  • Show contact card by tapping contact

Phase 2:

  • Mimicking the look and feel of Nokia Conversations
  • Favorites

Phase 3:

  • Find in messages
  • Filter by contact names
  • Sort

Phase 4:

  • Import directly from other phones

What I’ve done:

I can now show the received SMS list (kinetic scrolling with finger, I like that!), and tapping the sender displays his message. My next step now is associate phone numbers with contacts. I will also take a look at the Qt animation framework.

I’ve submitted the project on Maemo Garage and it has been approved in exactly 2 minutes! Now I will now explore maemo garage. Keep an eye on my project’s page: 😉


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