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So I got accepted as a maintainer of  maemo extras repository. I also released and uploaded the the first version of Retro Conversations to extras-devel. I decided to do it early so as to have some credit in Open Source world when my GSOC proposals get reviewed.

I quickly wrapped things up,  made sure the app won’t crash/refuse to start/ behave funnily and went through creating a package process which made me suffer for 2 days. I couldn’t get happier when the application manager showed retroconv!

I will post later a short tutorial on how create deb package from python code for maemo. For now, just one advice, NEVER USE UPPER CASE IN DESCRIBING AN APP’S CATEGORY IN “SECTION” PART INSIDE CONTROL FILE!! (thanks to guys over irc..)

Retroconv Announcement

Retroconv Package Overview


That’s why iphone sucks. That’s why blackberry sucks..


Nokia N900 running Chromium, playing a flash video of another N900 running PSX emulator

That’s why N900 kicks ass!