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Quite insulting.. Both ways actually.


We were introduced to Bespin in the last Open Source Software class. Bespin is an open source Mozilla project that lets you code in the cloud and in real time collaboration with other participants in a project. I have actually tried Bespin a while ago, so it wasn’t something really new to me. I also tried installing Bespin on my computer at that time (which we spent doing for probably more than an hour because of stupid network issues at the university). Although I completely failed at that time, I was successful to download and build it in less than 15 minutes (I had my USB modem :P).

It’s a nice thing to be able to edit in the cloud, but they certainly should give us more than that (something like more motivation, why should we use Bespin?) Here is something to get them started 😀

bespin error

I will however try to make Bespin my default code editor in the future. Who knows, maybe I will end up contributing new features to it 🙂

I was playing with Abdallah El Guindy’s “very useful” Ubiquity mashup. Its objective is to fetch the every week Todo list from the G-OSC Wiki. There were few glitches however in his script that I managed to fix.

The best thing about this script and Ubiquity is the preview function. Just popout Ubiquity, type gosc-watsup and the preview should get you the information immediately. However, preview didn’t work.

I Fixed it by adding the missing parameter pblock to the preview function gosc_watsup_preview_page, so it finally appeared.(took me some time to reach that btw)

Then I noticed the previewed items were not complete. I examined the code a little. Abdallah traverses the tags using JQuery.  He greps the To do List anchor with the find function, jumps twice to the next  siblings (siblings are other tags at the same level) and fetches the content using next(). The problem with that is sometimes the To do list is not just one block. There may be a list, then a block of text, another list ..etc. So the last next() invoke may sometimes bring only part of the Todo list.

I managed to solve that too, by calling next() repeatedly in a loop until there are no more siblings. This however brought another problem as the References, Feedback and other items at the same level are brought into preview. I solved that too by added a condition to check we are not leaving the To Do List section.

Okay preview is working and nothing is missing. But it doesn’t look very nice, even though the items are in an Unordered List.

Apparently this is a bug in Firefox. This is what happens:




is treated differently than


So I had to switch to the second one as the in the first, the <ul> is totally ignored.

So, is that all? No! There is one last problem (hopefully), but I’ll just leave that to another post 🙂

This is my updated version of gosc-watsup.


function gosc_watsup_go_to_page() {
jQuery.get(GOSC_WATSUP_TODO_PAGE, {}, function(html) {
var url = jQuery(html).find(‘#bodyContent’).children(‘ul’).children(‘li:last’).children(‘:first’).attr(‘href’);
Utils.focusUrlInBrowser(GOSC_WATSUP_BASE_URL + url);

function gosc_watsup_preview_page(pblock) {
jQuery.get(GOSC_WATSUP_TODO_PAGE, {}, function(html) {
var url = jQuery(html).find(‘#bodyContent’).children(‘ul’).children(‘li:last’).children(‘:first’).attr(‘href’);
jQuery.get(GOSC_WATSUP_BASE_URL + url, {}, function(html2) {
pblock.innerHTML = ‘<h2>Latest TODO list</h2>’;
var innerHtml=””;
return jQuery(this).attr(‘name’) == ‘To_Do_List’;






names: [“gosc-watsup”],
author: { name: “Abdallah El Guindy and Tarek Galal”, email: “”},
contributors: [“Tarek Galal”],
description: “Go to the latest TODO list page.”,
execute: gosc_watsup_go_to_page,
preview: gosc_watsup_preview_page

	names: ["gosc-watsup"],
	author: { name: "Abdallah El Guindy and Tarek Galal", email: "abdallah [dot] elguindy [at] gmail [dot] com"},
	contributors: ["Tarek Galal"],
	description: "Go to the latest TODO list page.",
	execute: gosc_watsup_go_to_page,
	preview: gosc_watsup_preview_page

This  is one of the best things that ever happened in my Uni. An Open Source Development course. This is actually one of the main reasons why I started this blog. In 2 weeks we will be modifying Mozilla. This is just awesome! Tomorrow’s class is about Build Automation (like building with make, cmake, qmake in linux). I always wondered how they work.

Web Development is fun. I’ve learned many concepts, made many applications but never actually contributed to the developer’s community. I believe through this blog I’ll be able to contribute to the community with what I’ve learned and will learn.

My name is Tarek,  I’m a student at the German University in Cairo and this is my “always expanding” to do list that I hope this blog will witness me accomplishing many of it 😀


  • Learn Symfony
  • Learn Propel
  • Learn Drupal
  • Learn Joomla
  • Learn CakePP
  • Learn Zencart
  • Learn Magento
  • Learn Smarty

Some concepts:

  • Infinite scroll concept
  • Payment gateways
  • Shopping carts
  • Try Linq to FQL
  • Learn and make Widgets


  • Learn JSON
  • Learn Extjs


  • Learn AIR
  • Learn Perl
  • Learn Python/ Django
  • Learn Ruby/ Rails

Blog Related:

  • Move to an Independent host.
  • Create my own design for this blog.
  • Learn WordPress theming structure


  • Learn and make Facebook applications

And find/ make a To do widget to put all those Todos  in 🙂 I’d rather actually call it “My to learn list”.

Stay tuned 😉